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Augmented Reality puts SPC on show

 were so excited to engage famous food manufacturer SPC (in conjunction with Australia’s leading advertising agency – Ogilvy Action) as one of our valued clients.

It’s called “The Great Jelly Jump” and it promotes four (4) flavours in SPC’s new jelly range – orange, lime, raspberry and blueberry.

To take part in the action, the user stands in front of a 2×2 LCD Video Wall screen and is superimposed into the game using Kinect monitoring technology. The aim is to jump over fruit as it tumbles along the ground towards Mr Squirty’s mouth. As the user hurdles the fruit, Mr Squirty eats it. If they don’t jump high enough and squash the fruit, no points are scored.

The aim is to fill Mr Squirty up with fruit and raise the bar to full height. It goes without saying that all kids (big and small) LOVE to play the game!

developed The Great Jelly Jump game and supplied the equipment to SPC on rental. They sourced their own props. The activation was in Melbourne, followed by Sydney the following week.

We’re delighted to announce that SPC and Ogilvy Action simply love our Augmented Reality (AR) campaign! Not only do they really dig the game, they understand that it offers a better return on investment than a traditional advertising campaign.

Now we can’t wait to get stuck into our next project – another interactive campaign using impressive Augmented Reality technology to outshine the competition’s outdated and expensive TV commercial.

Bring. It. On.

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