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Augmented Reality & Interactive Software Development

Nothing makes us happier than seeing that extra wow factor added to our product range? What’s that you ask? Well it’s all about the dazzling multimedia presentations we can create for you.
Not only do we understand our product hardware inside and out, we combine specialist interactive software development and simulation skills to create original, customised content for your specific multimedia advertising, marketing or general business needs.

Whether it’s an information-driven system such as Augmented RealityInteractive Window or the design driven Interactive Floor, we can help you create a unique multimedia presentation or interactive game that optimises the way target market perceives you and experiences our product range.

Our Interactive software development services include:
• Customised product content
• Coding and scripting services
• Integrated software development
• Interactive stand-alone software development.

And if you’ve got an out-of-the-box idea or solution, chances are we can accommodate that too.