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Holographic Displays

delivers jaw dropping holographic projection technology to your door. These holographic displays are perfect for conference venues, large-scale exhibits, live product launches and television events, your audience will marvel over full-scale virtual holographic projections that seemingly ‘float’ in the air.

How does it work? 
The sharp and spectacular hologram is created using film technology that reflects images from a high-definition video projector. Using specialized software, we can configure an image any way you like to deliver a truly dazzling stage spectacular.

The Holographic film is available off the roll at 1520mm wide.

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The Holographic Display:
  • Provides holographic screens in a range of sizes.
  • Can be integrate with touch screen technology.
  • Is easy to install and operate.
  • Provides flexible content, dimensions and special effects.
  • Can be purchased or rented.