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Hologram Box

For a simply stunning display technique, why not encase a product in a stylish Hologram Box by . Glass enclosed with a 90, 180 or 360-degree viewing platform, the Hologram Box combines flexible content, special effects, dimensions and music to create a breathtaking promotional tool. Looking to show off the latest mobile phone technology?  Simply place your device inside the Hologram Box for powerful advertising solution.

For that WOW factor, larger Hologram Boxes can be custom made by .

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The Hologram Box:
  • Showcases a bright, sharp and highly visible 3D holographic display.
  • Automatically stores, update and display content saved to a USB device or PC and plugged into the box.
  • Provides flexible content, dimensions and special effects.
  • Requires no operational interface or extra software.
  • Can be purchased or rented.