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The Interactive Slingshot

What do you get when you cross an ancient slingshot with cutting-edge technology? You get to offer your customers a massive dose of catapulting fun with the cool and captivating Interactive Slingshot(also known as the Digital Slingshot).

With an Interactive Slingshot from , your customers can write and fire a bunch of colourful messages across the room and ‘splat’ them onto the wall. What’s the point of that, you ask?

For starters, it’s the perfect foyer ‘waiting’ game and fantastic for team building exercises. It’s a great leisure activity for conference goers and is sure to draw attention to your exhibition stall. The Digital Slingshot is seriously interactive, wickedly addictive and way cooler that a magazine rack.

The Interactive Slingshot empowers users to create their own unique message and challenges them to hit a target. Most importantly, this product is a talking point. People chat enthusiastically about the new toy and before you know it, they’re talking about you.

How does it work?
The Interactive Slingshot is programmed (via a wireless computer connection) to project a message onto a wall. The user holds the Y-shaped frame in one hand and types their message onto a touch screen with the other. Then, they pull back on the rubber band and essentially ‘sling’ their message across the room where it magically ‘splats’ (or is written) on the wall via the projector.

What can The Interactive Slingshot do for you?
• Provide your customers with fun, interactive and free while-you-wait entertainment.
• Cement your reputation as a technology-savvy business who likes to please their clients.
• Promote YOU and make your business, product or service really stand out.
• Generate revenue through advertising.

So go on, get your hands on a Digital Slingshot today and give your customers yet another reason to come back and visit you.

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The Interactive Slingshot:
  • Is easy to use, lightweight and highly mobile.
  • Comprises high quality, durable materials.