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Touch Screens

Folks, it’s time to ditch the keyboard and mouse in favour of a hi-tech Touch Screen monitor from  today. This interactive and responsive electronic multimedia display is both a sure-fire attention grabber for retailers and the ideal collaboration tool for boardrooms, schools and training facilities.

What can the Dual Touch Screen do for you?
• Provide an exciting, interactive alternative to the traditional blackboard, whiteboard, or billboard style advertisement.
• Promote your retail products or services and corner your target market.
• Cement your reputation as a technology-savvy retailer, organisation or education provider.
• Completely transform your campaign, presentation or lesson with expanded ‘content’ capabilities.

How does it work?
Available in various brands and sizes, the Touch Screen monitor display screen is an electronic touch display that boasts its own ‘content creation’ software and is computer compatible with Windows 7. Using a finger, pen or stylus, the presenter, passer-by or other user can perform all kinds of multi-touch functions including writing, drawing, annotating, highlighting, editing and more. Retailers will also relish the opportunity to offer their shoppers a mouse-free touch screen experience. The technology effectively transforms traditional ‘board style’ advertising and presentations into a colourful, visual and engaging multimedia collaboration.

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The Touch Screen:
  • Dual or Single touch.
  • Offers outstanding touch screen capabilities that replace any need for a keyboard and mouse.
  • Provides an information-driven platform with an interactive touch screen/frame.
  • Includes specialist 'content creation' software and easily incorporates Windows-based applications into your presentation or campaign.
  • Is easy to install, operate and can be setup just about anywhere.
  • Can be purchased or rented.