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Touch Foil

Used to create the ultimate through-window interactive display, our newly improved lightweight touch foil can be applied directly onto a window, or glass sheet to create the YourWindow interactive window display.

A rear projection, or LCD screen is mounted behind the touch foil to create an exciting through-window touch experience. The display is mounted using either a permanent or removable fixing method that enables easy relocation if required. The touch foil is ideal for upgrading an existing through-window rear projection, or LCD display to create an interactive display. As the display has no external components, the installation is completely safe behind the window.

The Touch Foil products offered by  use projected capacitive touch technology and these products allow you to engage and interact with potential customers in an exciting new way 24/7. This technology involves a clear plastic foil which is laminated, and this foil has an extremely thin grid of specialized wires that are very sensitive and that lead to a controlling device. The wires are designed in an XY grid pattern, and the Touch Foil film is applied to a substrate that is not metallic. When the glass is touched this places pressure on the substrate, and this causes the capacitance to change. The changes in the capacitance are detected by the controlling device using the X and Y coordinates on the grid, and these changes are then communicated to the software and computer being used.

4:3 Ratio Sizes
30″ to 94″

16:9 Ratio Sizes
30″ to 114″

21:9 Ratio Sizes
30″ to 142″

Custom sizes available

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