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Virtual Salesperson

You’ve seen them at trade shows, conferences and in retail stores – Sales persons eager to sell you their latest products and services. Let’s be honest here – if you’re in a hurry, or keen to avoid the spiel, it can all feel a bit intrusive. You might even get the urge to run away!

So what if that sales person wasn’t real?

What if you could replace the human being with a captivating high contrast holographic image? The technology alone will stop consumers in their tracks and the fact that potential customers can absorb the message without someone getting in their face is empowering.

And that’s good for your business.

What can a Virtual Host do for you?
• Offer an exciting, promotional alternative to the tired old human being!
• Perfectly deliver your advertising or marketing message (over and over).
• Promote your retail products or services and corner your target market.
• Cement your reputation as a technology-savvy business.

How does it work?
Using the latest rear projection holographic technology, a person (the “host”) is filmed delivering a word perfect presentation. The footage is then rear projected onto an acrylic cut-out that precisely matches their body shape to give the impression of a semi-3D image.

The host can move their hands with items such as tickets, or promotional leaflets magically appearing in their grasp. They can even appear to hold the latest product such as laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

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The Virtual Host:
  • Uses the latest rear projection holographic technology to deliver the appearance of a semi-3D image.
  • Never makes a mistake and doesn't need to take a lunch break!
  • Allows for a single presentation to be rolled out across multiple stores (to save you time and money)
  • Can be multilingual (can be filmed in English and translated into another language)
  • Accommodates Touch Technology - Touch Foil