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Interactive Touch Table

With a fully customisable Touch Table from , you can finally give your lounge or reception area the five-star treatment it deserves.

Available in a selection of designs, sizes and colours, the durable and spill-proof Touch Table offers users an irresistible and ‘interactive’ touch screen experience. Install a Touch Table and say goodbye to the tired old brochure rack or outdated magazine stack. Now your client can sit in a comfy chair (coffee in hand) and browse the Internet, or review your corporate proposal in style.

What can the Touch Table do for you?
• Offer stylish, interactive while-you-wait entertainment to your clients.
• Promote YOU and make your brand, product or service stand out.
• Generate revenue through advertising.
• Communicate your message in a unique, fun and memorable way.

How does it work?
With a customised  Touch Screen (from 32” and up), the Touch Table discretely houses the latest computer and gaming level graphics hardware, Wi-Fi ready and an onscreen keyboard.

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The Touch Table:
  • Provides an information-driven content system boasting interactive Touch Technology.
  • Is easy to install and operation.
  • Includes Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, 2 x External USB, 1 x External eSATA for high-speed devices, external audio and microphone connection for headphones or Skye accessories.
  • Offers optional extras including DVD/Blu-Ray, wireless keyboard and mouse, webcam, headphones and microphone.
  • Can be purchased or rented.